samanjasya 2k19

detailed schedule 

DAY :1
Morning 8:30-9:45   

lissiuex seminar hall

Inauguration         9:30- 10:30

talk show
10:30 -11:30


Story Writing

Room no:14G

Poetry Presentation
    Room No:16G

Debate                   10:30-12:00      


Leisure Tower

Book Stall                                   
Food Fest
Game Stalls

*Individual item
*Participants will get one hour to write their poem which will be followed by a presentation of the same.
*Languages:Malayalam and English
*Participants should bring pen with them.Paper will be provided from the club volunteers.
*Chest number is necessary for the presentation .
*Topic will be given 10 minutes prior to the competition.

*Individual participation.
*Participants will get one hour to write their story.
*Topic will be given 10 minutes prior to the competition.
*Languages:Malayalam and English.
*Star Scribbler is a screenplay writing competition.
*Individual participation.

*Number of participants:4
*Participants are not allowed to enter into offices or departments of the college
*Incase of more entries ,elimination will be conducted
*Violation of general code of conduct will lead to the disqualification of the team from the event.

*Only team entries are eligible to participate
*A team shall consist of maximum of two persons
*The competition is conducted in two stages: Preliminary (written) and finals (oral)
*The decision of the quiz master is final and will not be subjected to any change
*The questions shall be in the form of specific answer questions.
* Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.
*Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
*Only 5 teams would be selected for final round.


1. Participants will get the topic 15 minutes prior to their chance to speak
2. At a time, two participants will be called to the stage and each of them have to talk either for or against the topic for 1 minute.
3. After that, 3 minutes will be given for rebuttal and during this time participants have to cross each other, a moderator will be present at that time.
4. For/Against will be decided by lot at the time of registration for debate competition.
5. All the participants must report at the venue before 10:15 am sharp. There will be a separate registration.


PRASTHUTI is powerpoint presentation competition.
You can register online through a link which is attached in 
Registration fee for outsiders:100/- perhead .As PRASTHUTI is a group event of two participants ,The registration fee for one team will be 200/- for outsiders.
For students of Vimala, Registration fee for one team is 100/-
The topic of Prasthuti : Your favourite author and works
Presentation time:10 minutes
Presentation should be submitted 30 minutes prior to the competition in a CD or Pendrive.
Language of presentation :Eng/ Malayalam
If there is any disputes or confusions regarding the prize winners, a viva will be conducted based on your presentation.



*All students are allowed to take part in the event( Both professional and Degree college)
*Participants of one event are allowed to participate in any other event.But extra time is not allowed if more than one  events takes place in same time.
*Multiple teams are allowed from a college
*Registration is not permitted without their ID cards
*For group events,all the  participants must be from same college
*Spot registration for the events will st art from 8:45 AM to 10:30 AM on 10 /12.19 and from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM on 11/12.19 .Last minute entries are not entertained
*Participants for the specific events should report at the venue at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the event.
*Electronic gadgets are not permitted during competitions
*All participants should maintain a reasonable decorum inside the campus.Violation of the general code of conduct will lead to disqualification of the participants from the event.
*Registration fee  is Rs:100/- for participants and non-participants.For Vimalites,the registration fee will be 50/-.
*Participants can participate in 2 items for the fee of 100/-.However, Treasure Hunt competition is excluded from this regulation.
* The decision of the judges will be final.No argument regarding results and judgement will be entertained.
*The event coordinators and librarian retain the control over the modification of the same.
*Participation certificates will only issued at the valedictory ceremony on 11/12/2019 or will be send to respective institutions.